Southwestern Egg Decorating Workshop

This peaceful, ancient medium is a creative indulgence. Using candle fire, beeswax and eggs, you will come away relaxed and smarter for having learned the symbols of the Southwest or Eastern Europe to make a beautiful egg.

For pricing, click FAQ’s. To see a Home and Garden Television video on egg decorating, go to , and view how we teach.


Art, Rafting, Mountain Biking, and Hiking in New Mexico

Plunge into your surroundings by rafting, hiking or biking the Southwest. From what is under your feet, to the big landscapes that sweep you away, learn to express your wonderment of the landscape through art.For pricing, click FAQ’s.

Authentic Native American Crafts

Make a rattle from hollowed gourds, a dream catcher with willow, make a fetish, or a silver ring, or learn how to polish and decorate Native pottery.  The artists that teach these crafts are some of the most accomplished artists in their Pueblos. This is a special feature of Artists for Hire. For pricing, click FAQ’s.

Immersive Landscape Drawing and Painting

Imaginations are captivated by New Mexico landscapes. Surprise yourself with how simple techniques help to create deft renderings of the landscape. This plein aire workshop is for individuals and groups and adjusted to the artistic needs of the participants. For pricing, click FAQ’s.

Artists for Hire can be reached at (505) 795-8137  or emailed at

Fun, connection, and transformation through comfortable art expression. Email us for us to send you an art adventure quiz so we can create a one-of-a-kind, specialized workshop. Below are some ideas to inspire you.

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Photo by Bob Ward




Art Workshops/Art Race

Who We Are   


Fine Art Pysanky and  Paintings

by Elizabeth Mesh  





                        Bike Bliss

Engage your awareness, become a better cyclist, and find the fun. Engages all the senses to bring you to bike bliss. Tours, small groups, and singles of any mountain biking ability are welcome. This class involves no art.

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The Santa Fe Art and History Adventure©

Ease your way into Santa Fe with renowned tour guide and artist, Elizabeth Mesh. Her guidance and vast knowledge of the history, art, and culture of Santa Fe will make the city come alive. Recommendations and insights are all part of the fun in this tour that is customized to your interests.

     Team Building with Artists for Hire

Bring your group together with innovation, connection, and fun. Comfortable art expression for everyone helps to inspire innovation. Hands-on experience abounds for groups working on themes like communication, customer satisfaction, or inspiring leaders. No event is too small or too big. Contact us for further details, or to get a list of corporations and groups we have worked with in the past.

Art Activity for Harvard Alumni

   Paint Like Georgia O’Keeffe

Quench your creative desires. A series of simple techniques helps you to develop a creative understanding of this iconic Southwest artist. For pricing, click FAQ’s