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“Give Bikes 5 Feet. Thanks!"

Public Service Announcements 2016:


Podcast with Elizabeth Mesh and Richard Eeds:

Elizabeth Mesh on Bicycle Safety & Give Bikes 5 Feet

We know these words saves lives, And New Mexico needs to be reminded of a 5 feet safe passing distance on the road about every two years.

For this fundraiser, we have started airing 3 different “5 feet safe

passing” public service announcements on six Northern New Mexico radio stations for a full year. When it is over, we will have aired over #4,000 ads for bike safety. In addition, we had three radio interviews, resulting in one podcast. 

This is just the beginning of what needs to be an ongoing reminder to the people of New Mexico. This is just the beginning of what needs to be an ongoing reminder to the people of New Mexico. 

Special thanks to the good people of New Mexico, Lynn Pickard and Chainbreaker Collective! Together we can do great things!


Elizabeth Mesh realized there was a real problem with safety and bikes on the road when a truck hit her from behind while biking in 2003. Working with input by the Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico and Gail Ryba, Elizabeth formulated the Five Feet for bikes campaign in New Mexico. Currently, she owns Artists for Hire, works in the movies, at REI and SITE Santa Fe. She is the innovator, writer, voice talent, creative director and fundraiser for the current 2016 series of public service announcements. If you would like more information about Elizabeth go to nmartistsforhire.com. 

Elliot Smith is a musician who is pleased to lend his voice and creativity to

a worthy cause. He is related to two avid cyclist brother-in-laws and retains fond memories of jumping ramps on his mountain bike "back in the day". He values

the true sense of community that has been exemplified throughout New Mexico.

Elliot is a Pianist for the National Dance Institute of NM, the Music Director of Las Placitas Presbyterian Church, the Music Director and a performer of Rumble Productions, a musical comedy improv troupe, a music composer and arranger for various local nonprofit organizations, and leads the House Band of the Alley Kats Tap Company. He can't dance, but he can sure sing."


In 2005, the 5 feet campaign for cyclists took off with the help of Elizabeth Mesh, and the Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico, with major funding by BTI. Since then the educational and positive message has endured with five feet safe passing laws in the cities of Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Albuquerque and the organization Bike Santa Fe. The original message was on lawn signs, and on public service announcements on the radio. Before the campaign, the fatality rate for cyclists on New Mexico roads was 13%. Within a year after the campaign, it went down to 5%. 

We know this message works to save lives and make the roads safer for everyone!

For more information about this  campaign,

email artisthire@yahoo.com or call 505-795-8137. Please

do not call Chainbreaker. Thanks!!